HELLO TO THE LUNATICS “Hello to the lunatics” is a Bowie inspired editorial, driven by the magnificent styling by Sky Bulatovic and incommensurable Hair & Make up work by Marco Hülsebus. Andrea @ M4 Models sets up the mood for the futuristic atmosphere of the shot.
This was captured right around our production for BMW’s exhibition “Zukunftslichter”, so we used the iridescent elements and materials to achieve an artificial, yet cinematic look.
Photography: Schall & Schnabel
Model: Andrea @ m4 models management GmbH
Hair & Make-up: Marco Hülsebus
Styling: Sky Bulatovic
Photography assistance: Anne Ludwig
PORTRAIT FRANZISKA We met Franzi at the calendar production w/ Straight Magazine and instantly fell in love with her amazing and intense personality. She is one of those humans, you’ll never forget, once you got lost in them.
#JIPPIEJAYGAY - STRAIGHT CALENDAR Our beloved colleagues Straight Magazine from Blogfabrik commissioned us to create a nude calendar for 2017. It’s been a wonderful, calm and inspiring production with lovely and intense women. The exclusive results can be purchased via Straight Magazine shop.

Thanks to everyone involved in this!
Especially: Carina, Pia & Bella!
JAMES HERSEY – MISS YOU It was so much fun working on this music video for James Hersey. A big thank you to everyone involved in this! Song written by: James Hersey
Music produced by: James Hersey & Will Hicks
Directed & Shot by: Schall & Schnabel
Creative Direction: Biko Ohé
Edited by: Schall & Schnabel & James Hersey
Female muse: Lilly Kirsten
Concept & Storyboard: Schall & Schnabel
Styling: Michael Hastreiter
Hair & Make-up: Jennifer Galle
Production Assistance: Darwin Stapel
Commissioner: Glassnote Records
Director‘s Representative: OB Management
NOMINATED FOR GOSEE AWARD 2016 We are very proud to be nominated for the GoSee Awards 2016 with our nude project »The concrete series«.

You can support us and vote for our series here
PHOTOGRAPHERS DINNER W/ GEIST UND GALLE Geist und Galle a.k.a. Marit Beer & Marcel Pommer are two vegan chefs and our beloved friends for many years now. We spent many evenings and days enjoying good food and talking about photography. Now we want to open it for the public again and invite other photographers and visual artists to join us in this networking event at our co-working office Blogfabrik on the 30th of September.

Here are some impressions of our last dinner in may.
NEW WORK Our recent work with muse Elizabeth Ehrlich @ Modelfabrik and hair and make-up artist Sarah Bleszynski was inspired by a discussion about fluid identities. “The use of social media for self-disclosure has shown to be very helpful for those with low self-esteem. People with low self-esteem are more socially anxious and shy which can make it difficult to form close relationships with others. This can harm both their physical and mental health because feeling connected to others is considered a fundamental human motivation. Individuals with low self-esteem have difficulty disclosing to others because they are very focused on not revealing their flaws and fear criticism and disapproval from others. Disclosing less, therefore, protects them from the possibility of rejection or being ignored. In light of these fears, social media can provide a safe environment for people with low self-esteem to disclose personal information because they cannot see their partner’s reactions which can help them to more freely express themselves.”

Forest, Amanda L.; Wood, Joanne V. (2012). "When Social Networking is Not Working: Individuals with Low Self-Esteem Recognize but do not Reap the Benefits of Self-Disclosure on Facebook". Psychological Science
SLOW MOTION GLITTER ACTION @ BLOGFABRIK Martin Wolf, an incredible talented videographer and member of the Blogfabrik, initiated this funny collaboration @ Blogfabrik 1st Birthday Party. Celebrating with confetti, glitter, prisms and the cutest guests, it has been so much fun. The short video clips were published via Blogfabrik's instagram account on the same evening.
SCHWUNG & SCHLEIFE VOL. 4 @ DAILY BREAD MAG (Variation nach Domin) Ich lebte von Unnützem
verworfenen Phantasien
und zählte keine Zeit
meine eilfertigen Hände
kartografierten die Wolken nicht mehr
es tröstete sie nicht
so beieinander zu liegen
gewiss war ich irgendwie
vom Nutzwert abgefallen
die Handinnenflächen schützen meinen Hinterkopf
und stützen ihn auf geworfene Erde
Ich lebe
Ich werde nicht länger aufgerechnet

Text: Robert Monat | Himmel / Haut Variationen | Fixpoetry | Hamburg 2009
KALEIDOSCOPE MUSIC VIDEOS FOR SARAH P. We have produced three colorful music videos for the singer Sarah P.
With our video, we visualize a dream. The colors, the setting, the visual elements and all together the multiplication creates a crazy interaction, and new associations. Some sequences remind of coral reefs, others of a kaleidoscope. A very own, powerful, poppy, and experimental imagery was created, bringing an atmosphere that is charming and playful at the same time.
music: Sarah P. – Golden Deer
video: Schall & Schnabel
styling: Michael Hastreiter
STOP MOTION VIDEO FOR THE FIRST RENK PRINT ISSUE We created in collaboration with Büro Farbe a stop motion video for renk.– a magazine that explores German-Turkish “exceptional relationships”. It took us four long days and nights, filled with laughter, fun and lots of brainstorming sessions. You can support them with a donation on startnext to realize their first print issue!
OPENING »THE CONCRETE SERIES« We still like to thank you all for coming to our opening and we would like to thank everyone involved, especially all the amazing people in front of our camera. We would like to share more images of the solo exhibition „The concrete series“ and some impressions from our opening, taken by Anna Schwabe. 41 selected works will be exhibited up to the 27th of August at the Galerie Irrgang Berlin, Friedrichstr. 232.
You are cordially invite!
OPENING »THE CONCRETE SERIES« »The concrete series« is a nude sequence, that explore the contrast between the human body and the dehumanized material concrete. We cordially invite you to our opening at Galerie Irrgang, Berlin on the 24th of June, 7pm, Friedrichstraße 232, Berlin.
BERLIN MUSIC VIDEO AWARD – BEST EDITING At the weekend the Berlin Music Video Award took place and our video for Delta Q – Ode (an die Freude) was nominated in the category »Best editing«. Amazing artists like Beyonce or Björk were nominated too. To our surprise we won the first price in our category. We would like to thank again our great team and Delta Q. It has been a crazy production & amazing time with you all! Video: Schall & Schnabel
Performer: Delta Q
Hair & Make-up: Sarah Bleszynski
Styling: Marieke Heinrich
Choreography: Martin Lorenz & Dominique Rosales & The Playground Project
»MERCURY RIVER« FOR VISION MAGAZINE Our new fashion editorial is placed in a very unreal surrounding / setting. We focused on the contrast between the exquisit look and elegance of Nadya, our model, and the hostile elements of the set, like the metal surfaces. The effects combine organic, fragmentated patterns and geometrical ones. The title »Mercury River« infers to the two horizontal formats of the series, which may cause associations to liquid oil or a mercury surface, a liquid underground on which our main character is embedded. It's also a reference to an archaeological discovery of the secret tomb of China's first emperor. Visian Magazine China
Photography & Artwork: Schall & Schnabel
Model: Nadya @ Iconic Management
Styling: Andrea Horn @ N Management
Hair & Make-up Artist: Tony Lundström @ www.blossommanagement.de using Redken and L’Oréal Paris
Styling assistant: Nuria Gregori
»OBJECT LESSON NO. 2« FOR BMW GERMANY We created a series of images and gif's for the exhibition »Zukunftslichter«, hosted by BMW in Munich.
Abstract light patterns, mirrored fragments of a model consisting of iridescent material creates associations to cubistic paintings. It has been such fun to accumulate all our effects, that we collected over the years, and use it for a straight abstract project like this.
SCHWUNG & SCHLEIFE VOL. 3 @ DAILYBREADMAG Während der Fütterung war’s: Wir führten die Rede der Eltern als Untertitel unterm Tisch fort; kicherten, schepperten mit Besteck und rollten unsere Augen rückwärts als Schamanen des Porzellan. Da nahm uns, von langer Hand geplant, der lange Arm der Ermahnung an unseren unausgewachsenen Krägen. Da landeten wir bruch und wussten nicht, wie das geht: sich tragen. Da wurde uns schlagartig klar, wie leicht es war, zu spotten, zu feixen, auszuspucken am heimischen Esstisch, unter der Federführung der Vormünder, solange wir nicht zu belangen waren. Noch nicht. Noch nicht – das war der Zustand der Schwebe, an den wir uns anlehnen durften, auf den wir uns beriefen, wenn wir gefragt wurden, wohin mit uns? Während wir die Kunst des Levitierens erlernten, wurden wir längst gen Norden gelenkt, eingenordet, verzahnt: Der lange Arm der Erwartung schob uns widerstandslos an die Stelle, da uns wiederzugeben, uns weiterzugeben bedeutete. Da war es an uns, gegen jede Sorge, ein Leuchten zu bewahren.
NEW FASHION EDITORIAL – SOLANUM One year after we shot our story »Solanum« we are finally able to showcase it on our website. It fills a gap in our portfolio. The images are aesthetically in a number of dark-held works, that we mainly produced in the end of last winter. Our ravishing long-term muse Amélie depicts a dark, yet elegant person. Underlined by another wonderful styling by Michael Hastreiter. Photography: Schall & Schnabel
Model: Amélie @ IZAIO models
Styling: Michael Hastreiter
Hair & Make Up: Mirjam Martino
Photography assistant: Jubal Battisti
SCHWUNG & SCHLEIFE VOL. 2 @ DAILYBREADMAG Dich erreichen. Unter der Glasglocke hockst du verstohlen und führst mit der Fingerkuppe den Feed fort, eine endlose Zufuhr. Du blätterst, du entrollst, du swipst, du tippst. So blass beleuchtet, so eingefroren in der Auswahl an allem, kann ich dir viel erzählen von Wählscheiben und Zifferblättern, vom anderen Ende der Leitung, oder was die Auskunft einmal war.
Baby, der Sound einer rückläufigen Wählscheibe war einst der Sound der Ungeduld, begleitet vom Knacken in der Leitung. Displays waren uns noch nicht vor die Augen geklemmt und kabellose Telefone so groß wie Winterboots. Wir laden langsam im aufgebrauchten Sprachvolumen. Warten auf WLAN. Akkustand panisch. Anwesenheit ist keine Währung mehr, mit der wir die offene Rechnung unserer Verabredung begleichen. Aber das ist schon ok. Swipe mich nach links. Who’s next?
SCHWUNG & SCHLEIFE VOL. 1 @ DAILYBREADMAG Was war zuerst da? Papier oder Ei?. Vor jeder Idee stellten wir uns zurück, auf Anfang oder dumm, um nicht zuerst mit dem Kopf durch die Wand, die Schale, zu müssen. Denn die Idee, sie gleitet dir erst durch die fleckigen Finger. Sie fährt dir durch’s zerzauste Haar, du schmeckst sie, bevor sie sich denken lässt. Du liest sie wie beiläufig auf. Oder sie springt dich an. Sie schlüpft durch den Sprung in der Schädeldecke, im Kalkgehäuse, als springender Punkt. Als Eingebung. So sagt man doch: Einfall. Dir fällt etwas auf, dir fällt etwas ein. Dann schwingt’s in den Falten der grauen Masse, wenn du dir Einfalt erlaubst.
IN THE PROCESS We're right in the middle of experimenting and developing new images / formats / projects. Since Fuchsbau Festival four masks with mirror - & metal shades attached to them enrich our daily inspiration pool.
Now we started implementing them in new & elder projects, such as the tape project called »in layers« from march 2015. GIF, the file format of the hour, is the perfect presentation tool for showing the development process.
More material is coming soon!
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL! We are back at the office and we are very excited to give you a little insight on our upcoming projects.
Pierre just got back from a trip through Israel and brought some double & iridescent exposures along, which will be published soon on DailyBreadMag.
We started to work on a new object and light installation project for a big automobile company in december. It's going to be a multi-colored series of images, gifs and short videos.
We also worked on some new fashion over-the-edge-editorials.