STAINS & STRIPES Analogue patterns, used as templates, inspired us for a new collage series. Despite most of our dark imagery this series is brighter and pleasing to the eye. Models: Serafima, Elisabeth, Bernd, Clemencia & Linn
Photography & Artwork: Schall & Schnabel
Berlin 2015
OBJECT LESSON ONE We created four different masks with fragmented mirrors and elastic metal pieces for the video installation / performance »PD628 Twin Nebula« for Fuchsbau Festival 2015. Refractions and reflections are recurring elements in our series and installations. This line of work will be continued and expanded soon. object lesson one.
fragmented mirrors.
Berlin 2015
#HELPDONTHATE #HelpDontHate is an aid campaign, initiated by members of Blogfabrik, which supports five charity groups that are defying racism and are offering a helping hand to refugees in Germany and the entire world. We contributed 73 shots of bloggers, artists, friends and members of Blogfabrik (& one dog), collaborating with the videographer Martin Wolf, who created a wonderful campaign video. #DONATEDONTHATE
∆ ∆

1. Please invite as many people as possible to this event on Facebook!
2. Please share our video with the direct link to Betterplace!
3. Create your own sign with the hashtag #HelpDontHate and upload it as your Facebook profile image!

If you want to support us with an article on your blog or in another media follow this link for more pictures:


On December the 10th we will shoot more supporters of the campaign @ Blogfabrik, Kreuzberg. So if you want to participate, write us an email @ contact(AT)
TRANSIT – NEW PORTRAIT SERIES »Transit« is a new portrait series, that we captured in an interim studio in Kreuzberg.

Serafima accompanied us for the last five years now. We first captured her expressive appearance in 2010, when she was only 17 and we like to photograph her again and again and again to follow her development.
We met Clemencia, a young actress from Berlin, on a trip to Lehrte for Fuchsbau Festival in August. She appealed to us instantly with her inherent persona, those baffling eyes.
Bernd's face appears to us an intense narration and reflection of a venturesome and interesting way of life. (He also reminds us of different personas such as Vincent van Gogh in »edge of the wood«, Liam Neeson or Lenin.)
And Elisabeth is an enchanting young girl with a mesmerizing appearance and beauty.
NEW CINEMAGRAPH FASHION EDITORIAL – I WOULD PREFER NOT TO We created another multi-media fashion editorial for 12 Magazine, containing nine cinemagraphs, gifs and a print editorial. This time it's a very unpretentious and simple arrangement, following a unpretentious imagery. A cinemagraph is a gif, which is animated in some parts of the image, while the rest is still. »The term CINEMAGRAPH was coined by U.S. photographers Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, who used the technique to animate their fashion and news photographs beginning in early 2011.« – Photography & Cinemagraphs: Schall & Schnabel
Model: Luisa @ seeds & Jean-Cédric @ Spin Model
Styling: Michael Hastreiter
Hair & Make-up: Nina Düffort
Photography assistant: Anne Ludwig & Jubal Battisti
BLICKFANG – GERMANY'S BEST PHOTOGRAPHERS The book »Blickfang. Deutschlands beste Fotografen« arrived today. We are very grateful to be represented amongst a selection of wonderful colleagues with one image from our fashion series »Tell me it's not over« for Vision Magazine China.

Here is our online profil at Blickfang. Enjoy!
MAKING-OF UPCOMING CINEMAGRAPH EDITORIAL Our lovely assistant Anne Ludwig created a short Making-of video for an upcoming multimedia fashion editorial, which will be released soon. Video: Anne Ludwig
Sound: AB Syndrom
Cut: Anne Ludwig & Bennet Suess
Photography & Cinemagraphs: Schall & Schnabel
Model: Luisa @ seeds & Jean-Cédric @ Spin Model
Styling: Michael Hastreiter
Hair & Make-up: Nina Düffort
Photography assistant: Anne Ludwig & Jubal Battisti
OUR NEW HOME – BLOGFABRIK BERLIN As participants in the new collective & co-working space »Blogfabrik« we will provide articles (in german) on a regular basis in the next few months for »DailyBreadMag«.

The first article »Verstör ich das richtig?« is about our daily work and work procedures in general. It also shows some test shoots, that we captured in preparation for the fashion editorial »Tell me it's not over«, Vision Magazine (CH).
NEW FASHION EDITORIAL »CORAZÓN TAN BLANCO« @ WOW MAGAZINE WOW Magazine Berlin published our new fashion editorial, created in collaboration with Said Rubaii (Hair artist), Celso da Costa Hamelink @ N Management (Styling), Franziska Dominick (Make-up) and three extraordinary models Amélie @ Izaio, Sonja @ JayJay Models & Jenny Feuerstein @ Modelfabrik.
»Corazón tan blanco« is the title of a novel by the spanish writer Javier Marías.
CARITAS MAGAZIN The agency Herburg Weiland commissioned us to create a title editorial for Sozialcourage Magazine (Caritas) with the topic »domestic violencelraquo;.
We used similar techniques as we did in our fashion series »Hello darkness, my old friend«, collaging portraits of a family, that is torn apart by psychological and physical violence. It was very interesting to work on such a topic, translating our ways to work into another field.
Thanks to Stefan, Charly & Martha!
WHAT A WEEK! We had a pretty full schedule last week with our new enchanting assistant Anne. First Anna Schwabe & Linn Kleeberg, founders of Stroke & Marvel Design Studio, visited us at our studio in Kreuzberg. On Tuesday we had another shoot for our new art project THE CONCRETE SERIES with two lovely inspiring women. Serafima came by for another portrait series and on friday we created new band images for our friends DELTA Q.
Surprisingly we received the first prize at the GoSeeAwards in the category Screenings. We really didn't expect it. And on sunday we captured a brand new fashion editorial with a wonderful team. On top of that, we got news, that Christa Klubert Photographers is going to represent us in the future.

Needless to say:
Thanks to everyone, who helped and supported us over the last year!

photos: Linn Kleeberg, Jubal Battisti & Anne Ludwig
GOSEE AWARD Amongst great finalists it's an honor to be nominated for the GOSEE Award 2015 in the category SCREENINGS.
Please support us with your vote.

We are very grateful to have worked with so many talented and wonderful people throughout this year.
Photography: Schall & Schnabel
Hair: Said Rubaii
Styling: Celso Da Costa Hamelink
Model: Sonja Klinge
Make-up: Franziska Dominick
Photography assistant: Sash Seurat Samson
RIGHT (Page Magazine)
Photography: Schall & Schnabel
Muse: Linn
NEW DESIGN WORK – ANNIKA SCHILLING We recently created and designed the brand new webpage of the actress Annika Schilling. We captured her in various images, created the whole corporate identity and edited two short videos for her. You can discover her incredible skills in a short monologue or enjoy her sympathetic persona in this interview

Big thank you to our friend & coder Chris @ Mini Moz Berlin.
NEW PUBLICATIONS Blonde Magazine (GER) published our multi-colored fashion editorial with Pauline @ Viva Models, that we captured in the countryside. The darker pendant »Tell me it's not over« has been published by VISION MAGAZINE (CH) in a beautiful new issue. & one image from our nude and collage series »seven essais« was featured recently in The Opéra Magazine (GER).
FUCHSBAU FESTIVAL 2015 It has been a wonderful weekend at Fuchsbau Festival. We met corky, creative and peculiar people, got to know new exciting artists, were impressed by the intense line-up and program of this well-organized festival. Alined by the vj & music set of Lucas Gutierrez and supported by our great "Twin Nebula - dance company" Tobias Malcharzik, Uta Meyer, Lisa Trodtfeld and Sophie Hübner nothing could went wrong. Thank you Fuchsbau Festival & especially Nina Diel for having us, as well as a big "Thank you!" to the technical support & volunteers, who made all of this possible. Thanks to our performers & indispensable Lucas!
REHEARSAL FOR FUCHSBAU FESTIVAL 2015 As you might already know, we've been booked for another music and art festival this year. Next weekend we will attend Fuchsbau Festival 2015 with a special video installation / -performance of PD628 Twin Nebula. In contrast to last year's transformance at State Experience Science Festival, we created new mirror shade masks & costumes for our dancers and performers Tobias Malcharzik, Uta Meyer, Lisa Trodtfeld and Sophie Hübner, who will set the stage / space into another atmosphere. Lucas Gutierrez is going to support and accompany us with his unique music and mad VJ skills. Here are some impressions of the rehearsal and preparations.
You are cordially invited!
THE CONCRETE SERIES We started to work on a new nude series with the working title »the concrete series«. Concrete is the material counterpart to glitter and it has been a central element of our latest portrait series since the beginning of 2015. We are experimenting with analogue techniques to use concrete as a postproduction instrument.
FASHION EDITORAL »TELL ME IT'S NOT OVER« @ VISION MAGAZINE From time to time we like to choose a more personal title for a series. So our new fashion editorial TELL ME IT'S NOT OVER has a personal connotation, but also seems to capture the notion of the images precisely.
Kassandra, our model, appears in some of the images very strongly, like a warrior, in others more fragile, vulnerable. TELL ME IT'S NOT OVER is a phrase, that could be a demand as well as an expression of hope.
We worked with projections and different objects, while we were shooting the fashion editorial, in order to get all those  effects. None of the reflections and various colors were composed with Photoshop. The concept follows a dark, but colorful imagery. We wanted to get peculiar results, underlined by an unique haute couture styling, with a classical appeal, but a very temporary aesthetics.
Photography & Artwork: Schall & Schnabel
Model: Kassandra Jensen @ m4 models
H&M: Marco Hülsebus using Chanel & Kevin Murphy
makeup assistant: Nina Düffort
Stylist: Nadine Engel Styling
Styling assistant: Johanna Orlorowski
NEW FASHION EDITORIAL @ BLONDE MAGAZIN A brand new multicolored fashion editorial has been recently published in Blonde Magazine 4/15. We used some of our iridiscent tools again to transform the wonderful landscape and our lovely model Pauline / Viva Models. It was a pleasure to work again with talented Hair & Make-up artist Tobey Sties and the styling team Nadine Engel & Jasmin Lütz.
PD 628 TWIN NEBULA CLIPS Now you can have a look at three short excerpts from PD628 Twin Nebula. The full video is still purchasable via Mitten in der Kunst or @ Gallery Irrgang.
INTERCHANGE - Feature We have programmed an exclusive feature for our multi-media fashion gifytorial »Interchange«. Use & click your cursors to influence the spreading triangles!
(and send us a screenshot, if you like: contact (at)
photography & artwork : Eileen Huhn & Pierre Horn @ Schall & Schnabel
Model : Davy Jones @ Java Models
Styling : Michael Hastreiter
H&M : Catrin Kreyss @ Uschi Rabe
photography assistence : Jubal Battisti

Your browser does not support the canvas tag.

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NEW FASHION EDITORIAL – »INTERCHANGE« »Interchange« is a multi-media fashion editorial, which contains twelve animated gifs, showing the process of digitally disturbed images. Several techniques, such as processing programming and multi-layered composition, were applied. It has been recently published by SUPERIOR Magazine June.
photography & artwork : Eileen Huhn & Pierre Horn @ Schall & Schnabel
Model : Davy Jones @ Java Models
Styling : Michael Hastreiter
H&M : Catrin Kreyss @ Uschi Rabe
photography assistence : Jubal Battisti
NEW PUBLICATIONS Recently two new publications featured some of our images.
Women's Health Germany produced a shoe still editorial including several photographers. Avenir Magazine featured two images from Seven Essais & PD 628 for an article by Sivan Lavie "The Naked Truth".
»Emerging artists should hold ideas in mind about keeping their art unique when appropriating the nude, wether through the exploration of theme, or of technique. For example, Eileen Huhn and Pierre Horn, Berlin-based artists, use nudes to produce work that would vary and challenge conventional uses of the human body in art. "The contrast between technoid materials and the fragile naked body intrigues us, and we created images that make an attempt on confrontation at the smallest and largest unit of distance."«
PREMIERE PD 628 TWIN NEBULA video installation »PD 628 Twin Nebula« @ Galerie Irrgang Berlin
»PD 628 Twin Nebula is a fictional travelog about the limits of our imagination. In the style of the speculative field of astrophysics, an expedition to the peripheral area of the universe is ventured in a unique way of audiovisual materials. The illusion of present, future and past disappears. Be the recipient of a message that puts your spaciousness in question and takes you on an interstellar journey through black holes, driving past swirling fog. Discover yourself in galactic stardust.« MidK
We still like to thank you all for coming to our event and we would like to thank everyone involved, especially Anna, Linn, Christan & Tobias of Mitten in der Kunst for their support, Lucas Gutierrez, Diana Wehmeier, Marlene, Stefan Daniel and Simon.
Sequences of PD 628 Twin Nebula coming soon on our website.
photo: Linn Kleeberg / MidK, Schall & Schnabel
DELTA Q – ODE AN DIE FREUDE It took us six long days to capture over two thousand images for a stop motion music video of the acapella band Delta Q. The video takes the viewer on a trip around the globe. A trip we loved to be a part of. We are grateful for all our participants and supporters, especially Laura, Lina, Lisa, David & Simon. Video: Schall & Schnabel
Performer: Delta Q
Hair & Make-up: Sarah Bleszynski
Styling: Marieke Heinrich
Choreography: Martin Lorenz & Dominique Rosales & The Playground Project
PD628 TWIN NEBULA – PREMIERE You are cordially invited to the video premiere of »PD 628 Twin Nebula«.
Galerie Irrgang Berlin, Friedrichstraße 232
10th & 11th April 2015, 8pm
Video: Schall & Schnabel
Concept: Schall & Schnabel and Diana Wehmeier
Starring: Diana Wehmeier & Marlene Pina
Music: Lucas Gutierrez
PD628 Twin Nebula available for pre-ordering: Mitten in der Kunst

Berlin 2015!
MAKING-OF A STOP MOTION VIDEO FOR DELTA Q It took us six long days to capture over two thousand images for an upcoming music video of the acapella band Delta Q. The soon to be published result takes the viewer on a trip around the globe. A trip we loved to be a part of. Thanks to all the helpers, without we wouldn't be able to proceed!
MAKING-OF EDITORIALS IN FEBRUARY Last weekend we captured two brand new fashion editorials. A remarkable styling were provided by Michael Hastreiter. Catrin Kreyss & Miriam Drabiniok joined our team as Hair & Make-up artists and amazing models were Davy Jones & Amélie (@Seeds). Also we would like to thank our wonderful assistant Jubal Battisti. We have a lot of new images coming up!
SKINWALKER SILVER @ NORD MAGAZINE SKINWALKER silver, our long term collaboration project with Diana Wehmeier, will be featured in Nord Magazine Issue 1: Stimulation, available on February 15th. Thanks again Corey & Vivien, Gallery Irrgang & all the little help from our friends!
UPCOMING SERIES We missed the chance to cover an annual review in our news section to sum up all of last years projects and events. But in 2015 we got back with new enthusiasm and experimental curiosity preparing new fashion editorials in February. In January 2015 we began to work on a new portrait series, which will expand throughout the year,as well as a new landscape series & another nude project. Stay tuned for another presentation of our collaboration video project
(Diana Wehmeier / Marlene Pina) at Gallery Irrgang in April 2015, which had been screened at STATE FESTIVAL in November last year. A new musician joined our project: incredible Lucas Gutierrez.
NEW ARTISTS PORTRAITS Recently Eric Keller & Ella Görner, two artists from Dresden, came by for a portrait shoot. While Eric Keller is more a classical painter, who's paintings seem to take place only in the shimmering, dimmed light of November, Ella Görner does conceptual and virtual art pieces. We also captured Philipp Bartz, a great photographer himself and a dear friend of ours, at his place in Berlin just before he moved to Görlitz. More new portraits will be coming soon.