PD SPRING/SUMMER At the beginning of summer we experimented with similar materials as in PD628, extending the look and notion by using new objects, natural light and a more »earthly« surrounding. Some of the results came out more vivid and exuberant, others seemed to be references to classical nude paintings, interpreted more contemporarily. muse: Diana Wehmeier
SEVEN ESSAIS & PD 628 Seven Essais is a small mixed media series of images, which supposed to be scetches for further collaboration projects.
Analogue and digital techniques, as well as compositions with paintings by Diana Wehmeier, were used. It has been published in the exceptional nude photography magazine The Opéra.
Some images from our collaboration project PD628 were also published in australian Fashion & Art Magazine FAINT and in british Fashion Magazine AVENIR. muse: Diana Wehmeier & Jess Ostrowicz
WOODS OF BIRNAM – THE HEALER Woods of Birnam, an indie-rock band, was founded by the actor Christian Friedel and several members of Polarkreis 18.
We were attending their first video shoot »The Healer« for their self-titled debut album. Here you can see them performing at TV Noir.
WINTER IS COMING »Winter is coming« is a large group exhibition of small works. More than 110 works by 32 artists are presented at Gallery Irrgang, Friedrichstr. 232, Berlin. We are participating the exhibition with four analogue C-prints. It was a lovely opening. Thank you!
The exhibition is opened until the 24th of January.
ONAIR – BAND PORTRAITS Onair is an Acapellaband with a remarkable set of songs by Bands like Radiohead, Massive Attack, Björk etc. We had the pleasure to work with them a few weeks ago, creating a new series of images, which capture their unique sound and mood of their performance.

Styling: Michael Hastreiter
Hair & Make up: Nicole Constanze Murek
SOME IMPRESSIONS OF PD 628 SPACE TIME We debuted our first video performance at State Festival 2014. PD 628 spacetime is a 26min long video adaptation of our nude series PD 628.
We are grateful for all our participants and supporters!

Uta Eismann, Elise Drinkwater, Emily Ranford, Rachell Bo Clark, Karla Mendoza, Juliane Spannring & Diana Wehmeier

Manuel Rather

Schall & Schnabel / Diana Wehmeier
PD 628 – space time at State Festival 2014 | Berlin

01/11/2014 20:30 - 21:00

Uta Eismann, Elise Drinkwater, Emily Ranford, Rachell Bo Clark, Karla Mendoza, Juliane Spannring

Manuel Rather

artist, painter & transformer
GOSEE AWARD We are proud to participate in three categories of the GoSee Awards - Editorial Photography, Nude Photography and the main category SCREENINGS. Our work will be exhibited at Kaufhaus Jahndorf UPDATE 14, Berlin on 24th / 25th of October.
Feel free to vote for us!


Unter unglaublich guten Kollegen sind wir in drei Kategorien beim GoSee Award unter die jeweils zwanzig Finalisten gekommen. Wir freuen uns, wenn ihr für uns votet!
PD 628 STATE IN TIME Since last year we're working with Diana Wehmeier on the series PD 628. Stardust and astronomical observations are the main inspirations of this collaboration.
Now we are producing videos for State Experience Science Festival, with this years main topic "State of Time". We will visualize in a video installation / -performance illusion of present, future and past, space-time, entropy, acceleration and deceleration, time traveling and another time phenomena. You can watch the first glimpse of it on Vimeo. We are looking forward to see you on State Festival Berlin on the 1st of November.

muses: Marlene Pina @ Modelfabrik & Diana Wehmeier
SKINWALKER SILVER Two weeks ago our first SKINWALKER solo exhibition concluded with another Transformance. Corey Scott-Gilbert, the sensational dancer and Diana Wehmeier as THE SKINWALKER performed a Live Art Show & Shoot, combined with the dark walls of sound by Manuel Rather.
Selected images of our Skinwalker session 2013 are now exhibited at Gallery Irrgang Leipzig. So don't miss the opportunity to see them as big prints.
We still like to thank you all for coming to our event & we would still like to thank everyone involved, especially Hieronymus & Tobias Wachter for their support, Anna Schwabe & Linn Kleeberg for creating the Skinwalker logo & designing the invitations, MIDK for featuring and curating, Manuel for the exceptional music set, Corey for his "breathtaking performance", Svea for capturing the Transformance, beautiful Vivien for transforming into the first Skinwalker silver, Simon, Robert, Gerald, Stefan, Dirk, Marika, Dennis for helping us with the framing, Markus, Bastian for helping us at the performance, Ma & Ma for their creative and delicious catering, Albina, Heinz, Robert for their support and all of our beloved Skinwalkers. Thank you so much!
A video of the Transformance and all the final SKINWALKER silver images are coming soon. Stay tuned!
SKINWALKER TRANSFORMANCE Our first solo SKINWALKER exhibition at Gallery Irrgang in Berlin, a collaboration between the Painter Diana Wehmeier and us, will be closed with an incomparable event called "Transformance". The exceptional dancer Corey Scott-Gilbert and Diana Wehmeier as THE SKINWALKER will perform live and exclusively, what had been exhibited as results from their Skinwalker Project in 2013. Musically underlined by a DJ set of Manuel Rather.

SKINWALKER exhibition will be concluded with a Transformance at Gallery Irrgang, Friedrichstr. 232, Berlin on 5th of September, 7.30 p.m. YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED.

We would like to thank everyone, who were involved and helped us, to make this possible. Hieronymus & Tobias Wachter, Anna Schwabe & Linn Kleeberg, MIDK, Manuel, Corey, Svea, Vivien, Simon, Robert, Gerald, Stefan, Dirk, Marika, Dennis, Luca and all the Skinwalker creatures.
PLANET EARTH IS BLUE Every attempt to travel into space has its beginning. Before we got invaded by ELEKTRA 628, we had a test flight. Two of the images from our series »PD 628: Planet Earth is blue« are part of the solo exhibition at Gallery Irrgang, Berlin.
NEW PUBLICATIONS We are very proud to be published in three very different magazines. TAR Magazine featured SKINWALKER in their latest Futurity Issue. We also created a fashion editorial for Blonde Magazine. FAINT Magazine from Australia finally arrived in Europe. Feels kind of weird to see our Overscan fashion editorial printed, although it's about digital distortions.
SKINWALKER VERNISSAGE @ GALLERY IRRGANG BERLIN We would like to share some impressions from our first SKINWALKER solo exhibition, taken by Anna Schwabe @ Mitten in der Kunst & Stefan Klenke. Twenty-two selected works will be exhibited up to the 5th of September at the Galerie Irrgang Berlin, Friedrichstr. 232. The exhibition will be concluded with a transformance on 5 September 2014, 8. p.m.
SKINWALKER EXHIBITION Skinwalker is an ongoing collaborative project initiated by the painter Diana Wehmeier and the photograpers Pierre Horn & Eileen Huhn after they discovered resemblances in their respective working fields. Dancers and Models were transformed into creatures becoming part of a painting. SKINWALKER exhibition opens in Gallery Irrgang, Friedrichstr. 232, Berlin on 11 July, 7 p.m and will be concluded with a transformance on 5 September 2014, 8. p.m. YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED. Am 11. Juli 2014 ab 19 Uhr findet die Vernissage zur ersten SKINWALKER Einzelausstellung in der Galerie Irrgang, Friedrichstraße 232, Berlin statt. Am 5. September 2014 schließt die Ausstellung um 20 Uhr mit einer Transformance.
For further information, visit: TAR Magazine f.l.t.r. Skinwalker Corey 6312; Diana Wehmeier, Eileen Huhn, Pierre Horn; transformance of elektra628 by Diana Wehmeier; Skinwalker invitation; making-off; making-off; background transformamce; making-of trancsformance
HELLO DARKNESS, MY OLD FRIEND Lovely and most wonderful Marlene Pina had been our main inspiration for NeverLazy Magazines exclusive Covereditorial "Hello Darkness, my old friend". Some of these are mixed media images & collages, others are revived by a simple light setting and the graceful sadness of Marlene. Supported by our extraordinary tag team Michael Hastreiter & Tobey Sties. Photography & artwork: Schall & Schnabel
Model: Marlene @ Modelfabrik
Styling: Michael Hastreiter
Hair & Make up: Tobey Sties
WE OUTGROW LOVE, LIKE OTHER THINGS Mirrors have always been an element we used to create our images. For our fashion editorial "We outgrow love, like other things" we wanted to make the theme mirrors the central aspect of this work. The magnificent styling was provided by Radmyla Schroedter. Anna Czilinsky underlined with her creative artwork as Hair & Make-up artist the magic, moody atmosphere. Dino & Rosali (Dopamin Model Management & Via Models) imitate a disrupted couple, divided in space and reunited in their reflections. The title were inspired by a poem of Emily Dickinson: We outgrow love, like other things / And put it in the Drawer – / Till it an Antique fashion shows – / Like Costumes Grandsires wore. // Der Lieb entwachsen wir, wie allem / Und schieben sie in Laden – / Bis altertümlich wirkt ihr Stil – / Ein Trachtenrock der Ahnen. // (Übersetzung: Gunhild Kühler)
& we like to thank Svea Poestges & Ilona Falk for their suggestions, moods & assistance!

Making of: Svea Poestges
OVERSCAN - Disturb our images For our mixed media fashion editorial »Overscan« we used different digital and analogue effects. The futuristic mood was provided by an extraordinary styling of Radmyla Schroedter and our hair and make-up artist Mona Jansen. Furthermore, we have implemented some »Processing« programs as an online feature, which allows you to rearrange or even disturb our images by clicking & moving your cursor.

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Schall & Schnabel and Dominique Rosales
DOMINIQUE ROSALES & THE PLAYGROUND PROJECT An einem herrlich sonnigen Tag im letzten September durften wir für das Playground Project, initiert von Dominique Rosales, mehrere Stunden mit sechs Damen im besten Alter, einem Baby im Supermankostüm und zwei Schildkröten im Spreepark verbringen. Es war ein Heidenspaß und wir bedanken uns bei allen Teilhabenden! photography: Schall & Schnabel
styling: Lau Lou Von Renard
h&m: Nicole Constanze Murek
PD 628 Seit einiger Zeit arbeiten wir an einer weiteren Kollaboration mit Diana Wehmeier. PD628 verweist auf die astronomische Katalogbezeichnung von Sternenhaufen oder -nebeln. Entstanden ist eine umfangreiche Reihe an Bildern, die in ihrer Farbgebung und in der Wahl ihrer Mittel, Assoziationen zu den interstellaren Wolken aus Staub und Gas hervorruft Die Bilder versuchen sich an einer Gegenüberstellung. An der kleinsten und größten Einheit von Entfernung. Am deutlichsten kulminiert die Reihe in der Überlagerung mit der Malerei "160 000", die an den Tarantulanebel angelehnt ist.
Nach und nach werden in den kommenden Wochen weitere Bilder veröffentlicht.
muse: Diana Wehmeier / Elektra
photography: Schall & Schnabel
photography & glitter assistant: Ilona Falk